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Badger Speak

Put your conversations here, Badgers!  Whatever you want (or at least whatever gets by the censor!! 🙂 )

“Once A Badger, Always A Badger”

2 Responses to “Badger Speak”

  1. Karen Sue Harcrow Prinz Laster said

    Go Bishop Badgers! WoW! I haven’t said that in…let’s see…35 years! No, make that 36 years. Boy, time flies when you’re having fun! Life has been busy and wonderfully blessed for me over the past 36 years. However, life is not always fair or fun for some.

    I hope to reach several Badgers through this format to let them know about Marvin Mumford. As some of you know, Marvin is fighting cancer and the prognosis is not good. Besides having to fight for his life, Marvin is also fighting to survive life. Because of his health, Marvin is unable to work and due to some unfortunate circumstances of his own doings, Marvin is unable to collect social security. He needs financial aid to get through the next few months. If you find it on your heart to contribute to his aid, please send your funds to me and I’ll get them to Bruce, his brother, or Mrs. Conway, Marvin’s mother.

    I know it’s a round about way to get help to Marvin but he wouldn’t accept “charity” or help from anyone. I’m unsure how much longer Marvin has to fight these two fights so time is of the essence. For those who require more information, I can be reached at 361-790-8501. My mailing address is 123 Hooper St, Rockport, TX 78382.

    I thank you all for reading this post and especially for your consideration for a former Bishop Badger that is in need of your help.


  2. Kelly Harlan said

    Marvin Mumford passed away on July 17.

    My dad (Joe Bill Harlan) and Marvin have been best friends forever.

    Marvin’s funeral is Monday, July 21, 2008 at 4:00 PM. Grace United Methodist Church in Calallen.

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