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Badger Alumni of Bishop High School, Bishop, Texas

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Class Reunions

Most of us mellow out with time and recognize that we  did some crazy things “way back”, but it doesn’t really matter now.  You might have been known, within your circle of friends, as “crazy” one or more times.  When you kick back and think about it, you’ll find some fun memories and some painful memories, but it doesn’t really matter to anyone but yourself.  Propagate those memories amongst those around you and contact an old friend to find out just how crazy you were!  You might be famous!

“Once A Badger, Always A Badger”

The following pages only represent the class reunions that we’ve heard about.










1970 – 1994

 1935 – 1965

1935 – 1968

One Response to “Class Reunions”

  1. Roxy Robinson said

    Class of 1961 is planning our 50th around the BHS Homecoming game in 2011. Course, we have to wait for “redistricting” to be complete sometime in February before we know the exact date.

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