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1970 – 1994

Reunion 1970 – 1994 July 30, 2005

Corpus Christi Shoreline

The organizers of the reunion that took place in
Corpus Christi, Texas on July 30, 2005 were as follows:
’79 -Art Alvarez;
’80 -Dawn Vest Cavanaugh;
’80 -Mary Nixon Cummings
’78 -Norma Lopez Flores;
’81 -Andi Driver Kuyatt;
’77 -Cindy Knapp Silguero;
’82 -Beverly Vassaur.

We had alumni in attendance from Class of ’70 through Class of ’94!


Pic 1: Awards (l to r)
Most changed male: Thom Driver (79)
Most changed female: Shelly Russell Stogsdill (77)
Best looking female spouse: Tracy Smith (wife of Ronnie Smith)
Most Gray: Walter Kupke (79)
Least changed male & Life of the party: Dale Hoff (79)
Best dye job: Norma Lopez Flores (78)
Biggest Bullsh***er: Cipi Garza (79)
Sexiest Bald: Jeff Johnston (79)
Fountain of Youth male: Caldwell Adkins (79)
Fountain of youth female: Connie Hanna Jennings (79)
Least changed female: Gale Hoff Anderson (79)
Best looking male spouse: Mike Anderson (husband of Gale Hoff)

pic02 Pic 2: Awards Presentation
pic03 Pic 3: Badger Pride
pic04 Pic 4: (Class of 79) Michael Cowan, Becky Johnson Anderson, Caldwell Adkins, & Jeff Johnston
pic05 Pic 5: Belinda Hernandez & Roger Koog (class of 82)
pic06 Pic 6: Brian Richter, Sherry Richter & Steven Kuhlmann (class of 79)
pic07 Pic 7: celebrating birthdays -Gale & Dale Hoff (79)and Shawnee Kronkee (82)
pic08 Pic 8: chaos at its best
pic09 Pic 9: class of 79
pic10 Pic 10: Gettin’ down
pic11 Pic 11: Dawn Vest Cavanaugh (80) & Norma Lopez Flores (78)
pic12 Pic 12: Driscoll Dragons – Gale Hoff, Dale Hoff, Dawn Vest, Kathie Capeheart, & Becky Schubert
pic13 Pic 13: Gayle Kieschnick Vaughn (80) & Jeff Johnston (79)
pic14 Pic 14: Time to say goodbye, but let’s hope it’s not for another 20 years!
pic15 Pic 15: Jeff Cavanaugh (honorary biggest bullsh***er award)
pic16 Pic 16: Jeffery Johnston (79)
pic17 Pic 17: Party is beginning to wind down
pic18 Pic 18: Keith & Caldwell Adkins
pic19 Pic 19: Keith, Caldwell, Jeff & Hector – Still as handsome as ever!
pic20 Pic 20: Lynn Creech (77), Cindy Bridges Pattillo(81), Beverly Vassaur (82), Laura Buckley Cowan-79
pic22 Pic 22: Mary & Dawn – Still crazy after all these years!
pic23 Pic 23: Mary & Bud – It’s almost over!
pic24 Pic 24: Class of 79
pic25 Pic 25: So very proud of their awards!
pic26 Pic 26: Partial group photo -can’t seem to get organized!
pic27 Pic 27: Still dancing!
pic28 Pic 28: Let’s rest awhile!
pic29 Pic 29: Class of 81
pic30 Pic 30: Randy Paschal (78) – Enough with the pictures!
pic31 Pic 31: Ricky Flores (76), Roland Munoz (79), and Caldwell’s cousin
pic32a Pic 32a: Peter Clarke (82) & Irma Reyna (82)
pic32b Pic 32b: Zolia Reyna Gonzalez (79)
pic34 Pic 34: Ronnie & Tracy Smith (81)
pic35 Pic 35: Ronnie and Randy catch up on old times
pic36 Pic 36: Ronnie, Mary, Bud & Dawn taking it easy
pic37 Pic 37: Hector, Art, Walter & Mike (class of 79)
pic38 Pic 38: Hector, Laura, Jeff, Roland & Mike (79)
pic39 Pic 39: Pat Johnson (74), Russell Anderson (79), & Becky Johnson Anderson (79)
pic40 Pic 40: Shawnee Kronke Kunz (82), Bruce Kunz (80) & Beverly Vassaur (82)
pic41 Pic 41: Peter, Valerie, Shawnee, & Beverly enjoying each other’s company
pic42 Pic 42: Spouses – Steve Vaughn & Jeff Cavanaugh
pic43 Pic 43: Gayle & Steve Vaughn & Jeff
pic44 Pic 44: Dawn, Gale and Mary -where’s Tamie?
pic45 Pic 45: Still trying to get a group photo!
pic46 Pic 46: Still got it after all these years!
pic47 Pic 47: Valerie, Cindy & Beverly
pic48 Pic 48: Bud Cummings (80) with niece Brandi Lee Smith (94)
pic49 Pic 49: 9th street gang: Mary Nixon(80), Russell Anderson(79), Janet Nixon(74), Randy Nixon(76), Cindy Milam(73), Donna Beyer(74), Connie Hanna(79) & Debby Jirasek(74)
pic21 Mary (Nixon) and  Bud Cummings

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