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Reunion July 8, 2000

Class_of_80The class of 1980 celebrated their 20-year reunion and issued a special invitation to the Class of 1979.
We had about 96 people in attendance. About 57 met at the High school Sat. morning and took a stroll down memory lane. Class_of_80_1We brought our families to the Celanese picnic where we enjoyed swimming, golfing, and volleyball. The heat was a little overwhelming, but we still had a great time.
We finished the evening with a catered dinner, entertainment, and awards at the American Legion Hall. The turnout was not as big as we’d hoped, but everyone seemed to have a great time nonetheless.
We will be having a 25 year reunion, and I am working, along with other Bishop graduates, on a 4-class reunion (77 – 80) for the summer of 2002 or 2003. We will do our best to give a full years notice so that everyone can plan their vacation.
What a great feeling, to see old friends after 20 years and reminisce on old times and fun memories. I just hope everyone can make the next one!!!!
I want to say thanks to those who attended and a special thanks to those who helped me out- I couldn’t have done it without you!

Mary (Nixon) Cummings

200001_384x256 David Mann, Bud (Ernest) Cummings, and Mark Moore at the Celanese picnic
200002_384x256Class of 1979
Walter Kupke(and little Walter), Tamie (Vest)Kucera, and Gale (Hoff) Anderson at the reunion picnic
200003_384x256Class of 1980
Jill (Miller) Wuest, Valerie (Vassaur) Schulze, and Jean (Hudspeth) Tucker catching up on old times.
200004_384x256Class of 1979
Joan (Kieschnick) Brock, Jane (Kieschnick), Tamie (Vest) Kucera and Laura (Buckley) Cowan at the reunion picnic.
200005_384x256Award Winners Class of 1980
Oldest Child – Dawn (Vest) Cavanaugh
Youngest Child – Dawn (Vest) Cavanaugh
Most Children – Raymond Ortega
Traveled longest distance – David Mann
Least Changed – David Mann & Mary (Nixon)Cummings
Most Changed – John Bertram & Veronica (Hinojosa) Segura
Most Bald – Bud (Ernest) Cummings
Best Physique – Robert Garza & Mary (Nixon) Cummings

Award Winners Class of 79
Oldest Child – Laura (Buckley) & Mike Cowan
Youngest Child – Caldwell Adkins
Most Children – Brian Richter
Least Changed – Dale Hoff & Gale (Hoff) Anderson
Most Changed – Mike Cowan & Tamie (Vest) Kucera
Best Physique – Caldwell Adkins & Eva (Salazar)Johnson
Most Bald – Dale Hoff
Most Gray – Walter Kupke

Award Winners Both Classes
Best Looking Spouse
David Anderson (Yvonne Herrera’s hubby)
Dawn McCoy (Jimmy McCoy’s wife)

200006_384x256Class of 1980 (left to right)

Front row: Debbie Daughtry, Jean Hudspeth, Dawn Vest, Janie Garza, Wanda Faye King

2nd row: Mary Nixon, Julie Robison, Criselda Ramos, Jill Miller, Valerie Vassaur, Connie Koog, Veronica Hinojosa, Adelaida Hernandez, Norma Lopez, Martha Guerra

3rd row: Molly Moring, Gayle Kieschnick, Karen McCoy, Cynthia Tobar, Raymond Ortega, Robert Garza,  Mitch Paschal, Jimmy McCoy

Back row: John Bertram, David Mann, Todd Russell, Bud (Ernest) Cummings, Mark Moore, Bruce Kunz

200007_384x256Class of 1979 (left to right)

Front row: Brian Richter, Laura Buckley, Becky Johnson, Yvonne Herrera, Gale Hoff,  Tamie Vest, Eva Salazar, Joan Kieschnick, Walter Kupke

Back row: Mike Cowan, Caldwell Adkins, Steve Kuhlmann, Jane Kieschnick, Dale Hoff

200008_384x256 Sherry Richter(& baby), Steve Kuhlmann, Joan Kieschnick (& girls), Yvonne Herrera, Eva Salazar, Lisa Kupke, Jane Kieschnick, Marcie Russell, & Gayle Kieschnick at the reunion picnic.

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  1. ljgf1 said

    Would so enjoy getting in touch with Connie Koog if anyone has her email. ☺️

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