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Fallen Alumni

This is where we can give an ongoing, public honor to our fallen classmates, and teachers. Classmates are listed by year of graduation; teachers by year of death. If corrections or additions are needed please contact the webmaster (see the About page).
The following was presented by a friend, boss, and mentor as a tribute to all BHS fallen students and teachers. He gave it at the Bishop Centennial Reunion in May of 2010. Right at one year later Ken Estes became one of the fallen himself. So I post this here to honor him, along with all those that have fallen, and will fall in the future.
A Tribute to Our Deceased Teachers and Classmates
“Gone But Not Forgotten” … You will always be a part of us!
As we gather here for this year’s celebration and reunion we are saddened to hear that more of our teachers and classmates have passed away. None of us are getting any younger and can thank God that we can meet once again to renew old friendships and exchange stories of our lives. While doing this let’s not forget our fellow teachers and classmates who have gone to their final reunion. Let us pay tribute to the ones who during our time here and through our lives have influenced how we think, how we interact with others, how we have lived our lives.
Keeping Remembrance Alive
Should it be necessary to bestow a title on these remarks, I would propose it to be “Keeping Remembrance Alive.” To an even greater extent than before, that phrase should now become our motto, as we rededicate ourselves — both individually and collectively — to the continuing task of keeping alive the spirit and reputation of the town and school we grew up with, and coincidentally the memory of our departed Teachers and Classmates, for the role they played in the success and the contributions they made.
Keeping remembrance alive … A teachers position is to help to train a young person in the direction of betterment of their lives, to higher education or a higher fulfillment of self. Some teachers may have been more inspiration than others but none were without their marks on our lives.
We recognize that some teachers’ inspiration may have come from a positive comment or constructive criticism and some may have come from a negative comment or action. Either way, our teachers were great influences on the outcome of our lives whichever direction or directions our lives took after graduation. We are very grateful and blessed to have known these teachers.
We meet this weekend to celebrate. It’s a major milestone. But beneath the surface of happy events, meeting and seeing old fiends, reminiscing and reliving old times, there runs a subtle undercurrent of sober reflection. This reunion marks a defining moment for us. We are crossing a threshold. Whether we choose to accept it now or sometime later, the fact remains that after the events of this weekend things are not going to be quite the same as they were before.
Keeping remembrance alive … To keep our collective self steady and on an even keel in this crazy fast-changing world as we proceed into the future, we need a solid foundation, something to build upon, something we can always rely on as a pattern and a standard. The good news is that we do have that foundation, perhaps our greatest asset of all: The foundation of honor, commitment, and courage established and maintained by those Classmates who departed early from us, but who remain vitally and totally connected to all we do, all we hold dear, and all that we are.
Keeping remembrance alive … Remembrance is, after all, a very personal thing. Because we’re all different, we can and do choose to memorialize our departed Classmates in many different and individual ways. One thing that we do from time to time, however, is to recall a special Classmate now dead, and remember in great detail the last time we saw and spoke to them, how they looked, what we discussed.
Keeping remembrance alive …. We will, because of the many examples of courage and determination that they left to us. Wherever they rest, they can rest assured they will never be forgotten. They will continue to inspire.
Keeping remembrance alive …. WE will. Always.
God Bless this gathering. God bless our Town, our School, and our Nation, now and forever.
“Gone But Not Forgotten” … You will always be a part of us!

“Once A Badger, Always A Badger”

2 Responses to “Fallen Alumni”

  1. Larry Smith said

    Luis Hernandez class of 1978 passed away

  2. Gordon Hightower said

    Ray Jordan Class of 1966 Passed Away a few days ago.
    Ray was my brother-in-law.

    Saturday, May 12 at 6 PM – 12 AM PDT
    May 12 at 6 PM to May 13 at 12 AM PDT
    8524 Adirondack Trl, Austin, TX 78759-7937, United States

    Hosted by Paul Jordan, Ray’s son.
    Lets get together to celebrate the Man, the Myth, the Legend that is Ray Jordan.

    We are opening this to whoever wants to come and visit and be prepared to share your favorite story or at least funny memory of Ray. Please forward to those that we have inadvertently missed.

    We are having Ray’s favorites Donn’s BBQ, the margaritas will be be flowing, and a keg tapped. Feel free to bring your favorite libations.

    Post you favorite pictures or comments to this event so that we can include them in the celebration.

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